adopt a puppy at mdzananda animal clinic in cape town

Lets be honest, our lives are getting increasingly busy these days - day jobs, side hustles, taking care of the fur children, it all takes a toll on how much time we have left for doing other important little things like taking your plastics to the recycling plant or volunteering at your local dog shelter. 

So often I've made up my mind that I would go and volunteer my weekend to help out at a  pup shelter, but come said weekend something else always pops up and before you know it a year has gone by and you haven't done any charity time... 

When I started Hunt + Howlingmoon I knew that I was giving up even more of my free time to this passion project so, chances were there would be no free weekends to spend helping out the doggos in need - and this is when I decided that if I couldn't bring myself to the aid of the needy pups in person, I would donate part of the sales of our dog accessories to dog rescue and rehabilitation! 

This made me feel slightly more useful and I knew it would be a feel-good moment for you, our customer too! Chances are you are just as busy as us and by donating 5% of our sales to a worthy cause we pay it forward to you, so you get to be charitable too!

Over the course of this year and a bit since Hunt + Howlingmoon really started picking up, we have saved up quite a bit in donations and we decided that this past week would be the week we share the love!

The decision was not easy, what with so many worthy and wonderful rescue and rehabilitation efforts around. Our answer came to us in the shape of an Instagram post by Mdzananda Animal Clinic explaining that one of their biggest funders fell through and they needed all the help they could get to keep up their efforts of saving the lives of some gorgeous pups in need in Khayelitsha. 

Mdzananda Animal Clinic is always in need of all the help they can get to carry on with the magnificent work they are doing so head over to their site to read all about it!

In conclusion, if you ever catch yourself being hard on yourself for not being able to be as charitable as you wished you could be - DON'T! You've helped us help some very adorable doggos and by supporting businesses that donate part of their proceeds to animal rescue and rehabilitation you will keep doing so!


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