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I have this weird thing where I don't take leave from work - EVER! Bazaar, I know, but about two weeks ago that changed! 

Long story short, we were of course going to take the dogs along on our holiday and we came across a guest farm called, Hemelsbreed Farm online, which I'll admit, was one of the few pet friendly places I could find in the various locations we were looking at visiting. Also, on a side note - for most, taking a dog friendly holiday is as easy as that, you take your dog and you go on holiday. You might not know this about my Salvador, but as handsome as he is, he is not always the friendliest with strangers. It has landed us in some odd situations where people are fooled by his cute and cuddly looks, only to end up being barked at or snapped at - have I tried to get to the bottom of this, YES. Do I wish I could trade him in for an easier model (say a Golden Retriever), OFTEN! But I adore him too much, so lets tackle this one in another post!

My point is, even if a place is pet friendly, being the owner of a pup like Salvador means there are many other factors to consider. And remember folks, we also have our newly adopted rescue pup Amber, in the mix, who has for sure never been on a holiday before in her short life so yah...lots of things to take into account here before we can even start packing the car! 

As mentioned previously, I stumbled on Hemelsbreed Farm and immediately fell in love, as I have always had a little bit of an obsession with the quaint town that is Greyton! It's the most beautiful little place about an hour and a half's drive from the city of Cape Town and although we have visited for lunch before, we have never stayed for longer than the day. Also, I am easily impressed by mountains and semi-foresty areas with rivers running through them so it really was a no brainer!

We booked our stay then and there and off we went! 

Our first stop-off was at the Peregrine Farm stall just outside of Grabouw - I don't think this gem of a place need much explaining. You can simply find all manner of delicious delicacies here. I think had a homemade, vegan chicken, leek and mushroom pie, which I still dream about, and we found a ginormous loaf of 'mosbolletjies' for breakfasts on the farm. 

Hemelsbreed Farm is situated about 5 minutes' drive on a dirt road just outside Greyton. The farm is nestled in a bit of a valley, with it's back to picturesque mountains. From our cottage you look out over the donkey and horse paddocks. There are a total of three immaculately renovated houses, two of them cottages and the third being the original farm house, which we can not wait to go and stay in with a whole bunch of friends!

hemelsbreed farm

Hemelsbreed Farm greyton

The gardens have been planted with beautiful indigenous blooms, which in turn brings the most beautiful birds to the party. If the little town of Greyton was not so enticing in itself, I think we would've happily never left the premises! There certainly was no shortage of beautiful walks for us and the dogs and they took a little dip in the dam and met the horses and donkeys, so you really don't have to leave once you've settled in. 

Gifkloof hiking trail greyton

Gifkloof Hiking trail

On the second day we took the pups into town to do the Greyton historical house walk. The place is brim full with some of the quaintest little cottages you will ever see. We stopped off at The Old Potter's Inn, also the town's local beer brewery for the most delicious snacks and beer and we went for a 7km hike along the Gifkloof trail. The Nature reserve does not allow dogs, but that being said, there are an array of other walks bordering on the beautiful reserve where you can take your dogs - check out the Greyton information center if you are unsure. On our second visit to the Old Potter's Inn, we were greeted by the below gentle giant. He apparently belongs to someone in town, but takes a daily solo trip to all the restaurants to find a customer willing to share a snack.

The old potter's in brewery greyton

If you happen to be a bit of a paranoid dog mom or dad, do not fear! From what I gathered, Greyton has not one, but two vets! We visited the one for some tick drops and chewy bones. 

Black labrador at greyton vet


We can not wait to go back to Hemelsbreed Farm and the beautiful town of Greyton! If you are looking for a holiday destination for you and your dogs, be sure to look it up - you and your pups will thank us for it!

Have you visited any amazing, pet friendly places lately? 






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