If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - adoptions totally matter!

Yes, I, like many of you, succumbed to looking for a puppy online and rushing off to spend my Christmas bonus on said puppy. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change buying my Salvador the first chance I had, but about a year and half ago I signed up to a local spaniel rescue organization and before long I got a call from one of the foster agents asking if we would be willing to foster an old guy called Jack for a few days until they re-home him. At that stage, we weren't sure about a second dog (renting in the city and all), so fostering sounded ideal! Also, it would allow us to pretend we had a second dog and see if Salvador could put up with another fellow in the house. So when I got the call about the soon to be homeless, 10-year-old Jack I jumped at the opportunity. 

Jack arrived looking mildly agitated and as if he'd had breakfast, elevenses, lunch, 4 o'clock tea, late-afternoon snack, yet another snack and then two helpings of dinner for the past 10 years. On top of this he had the worst breath I've ever smelt on a dog. Ever. But he was adorable nonetheless!

Luckily for us, Jack and Salvador got along just great. Salvador is quite selective with who he befriends, so we were relieved that they were now besties. A few weeks later, and after a strict diet and a gradually increasing exercise regime, he was a new boy! We even started referring to him as Benjamin Button as he seemed to be getting younger every week!

I always knew that there was probably not going to be frequent calls from potential adopters, and when Jack was still with us after three months of fostering, the reality started to sink in - no one was interested in adopting this doggo. 

Getting to know this gentle, quirky old guy over the course of those months made me feel really sad that no one would give him a chance. True, he had his issues - yes, the puppy looks were long gone, his breath was a little gross and he was probably not going to gel well with young kids that would pull on his ears, but he was loyal and I've never ever felt alone since we got him. Not even when I wanted to be alone, for instance going to the loo or having a shower. You could basically walk him unleashed around traffic, and he is great at cuddles.

Not long after, my partner and I were sitting in the backyard and I mentioned that I guess we are going to have to keep Jack...and that was that #fosterfail ! We had our second dog and Salvador had a friend and brother (or grandad, depending on how you look at it).



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