It is with heavy and sad hearts that we write this post today... This past week we had to let go of our best friend Jack, a.k.a Bo-Jack Piggy Winkle Pog (a gentleman that went by many names) after old age and the mounting health issues that come with it called for us to have him put to rest.

We have missed his morning squeals and nightly, grumpy growls every day since and my guess is we always will... For those of you that have read our blog before, you would have known of this cooky old * 'cat' from our very first blog post.

black cocker spaniel wearing durable dog collar handmade by hunt and howlingmoon in cape town

Jack came to live with us after we signed up to foster with Spaniel Welfare and well...we failed (#fosterfail is a legitimate hashtag!). He was a chubby old man, whose dental hygiene left much to be desired and he clearly lived a very comfortable (some would argue too comfortable) life in the suburbs of Cape Town. It didn't take us long to whip him back into shape and you could soon after find him kicking up sand at one of the local beaches or sprinting up Table Mountain like a young gun.

Jack was a big part of Hunt + Howilingmoon. He inspired us to make quality products that are comfortable for pups, young and old and he was amazingly handsome, which made him the perfect model! His legacy will live on in our brand for ever and always!

For want of enjoying the many fun and fond memories we will always have of Jack, we won't go into details as to what transpired for us to make the hard decision of letting him go.


Even though we are still very sad about the loss of this very special old boy, we want to celebrate his brief time with us and we'll forever feel extremely grateful for having had the chance to give him his best life in his last years! He was definitely our most quirky family member and we know that the big dog park in the sky has become one loving fur ball richer!


* In Jack's vet book, in the section where you have to tick 'dog' or 'cat', the 'cat' box was ticked. Many questions sprung to mind when we first noticed this. Was he in fact a cat moonlighting as a dog...?

FOOT NOTE: If you are considering adopting a dog, might we suggest that you consider adopting a senior dog? You might be thinking to yourself, 'are you crazy lady? You just went through this ordeal with letting go of your adopted senior dog!' Giving older dogs their best life after someone decided to let them go is such a wonderful, feel good thing! These geriatrics still have so much love to give and might I add, they are house trained and you know exactly what you get! There are many wonderful organizations out there that are desperately looking for homes for older pets!


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