dark cotton denim dog collar with bleached pattern that is finished off with brass hardware and hunt and howlingmoon label
denim dog collar handmade in south africa
best dog collars made in south africa from denim

The Rivers Dog Collar

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The Rivers Dog Collar is made from a durable dark cotton denim and bleached to create a water stain print. Each collar is individually bleached and finished with antique brass hardware and our signature Hunt and Howlingmoon label, which means each collar is truly unique!

A perfect match with the Rivers Dog Leash

All of our glide style collars are super easy to adjust and can function as a 'choker' or standard collar.


  • Available in three sizes
  • S to M/L collars are 2.5cm and size L and XL collars are 3cm wide
  • Care: To keep items with brass hardware in top condition we suggest removing them from you dog before water adventures. Accessories with brass hardware can be cleaned by gentle hand washing in cold water. Dry off hardware and let the item dry.
  • Made in Cape Town, South Africa